Action schedule 2017

S.E. Thuksey Rinpoche - Visit in the Animal-Hospital Norderstedt, in the Wilhelm-Gymnasium,
and the Kinderhospiz Sternenbrücke  (Sunday 24.01.)

Visit of the accommodation for refugees in Hamburg-Ohlstedt (Sunday 19.02.)

Info booth at the bio-farmer´s market Hamburg-Eppendorf at Maria-Jonas Platz (Saturday 18.03.)
Tree planting in cooperation with NABU (Sunday 19.03.)

Proving of the elm (Saturday and Sunday 23.04.)
Info booth in the center of Hamburg (Saturday 18.03.)

Visit of the animal sanctuary in Barlt (Sunday 21.05.)

Visiting of the animal sanctuary SolLuna NRW (Sunday, 18.06.)           

Info booth on the Green Mile / Altonale (1. / 2.07.)
Collecting plastic garbage on the Hamburger Elbstrand (Sunday, 16.07)
L2L-Dancing-Party NRW (Saturday, 01.07.)

Summer break

Collecting plastic garbage  (Sunday, 17.9.)

Hamburger Stiftertage:
Info booth in the Bucerius Forum (Thursday, 12.10.)
"Elms for Hamburg", Tree-Planting near the Tarpenbek / Hasenheide (Friday, 13.10.)
Setting of a butterfly-flower meadow in cooperation with NABU (Sunday, 15.10)

"Elms for Hamburg", Tree-Planting at the Ohlsdorfer Friedhof (Friday, 17.11.)
Chestnut Sunday in Ostbevern in North Rhine-Westphalia (Sunday, 12.11)

Visiting the homeless people (Sunday, 17.12.)
Info booth and donation-action in the advent
Info booth at the bio-market "Vitalien" in Hamburg-Winterhude (Saturday, 23.12.)

The new action schedule 2018 is online. Here you can find the dates.

Review to the actions in 2016 und actions in 2015.

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