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Action reports

Live To Love Action on the Oldtimerracing

This weekend we were with our info-stand on the Hamburg City Park-Revival Classic Car race. And we were collecting plastic. Live To love and a classic car race, how does this go together?

We were invited by the organizers precisely because we very much commited for the environmental protection. Many visitors have visited our stand to find out more about our actions. We had great talks about the sustainability of vintage cars, Co2 emissions of modern cars and cruise ships, tree plantings, animal welfare, camshafts, v8 engines and lots of fun.

Our info-stand was right next to the track for the pre-start. All classic cars came past us and when the drivers had to wait, the beautiful cars came to a stop right in front of our stand. The kids loved our flags to wave at all the participants and to also a couple of drivers put Live To Love flags on their cars.


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  Fotos copyright Agnes Forsthuber