Liebe macht gluecklich

Action reports

Refugees: To meet again in the Tentvillage

In three tents there was one with music by Dumisani, Thando and Bethina of the band DUBE, another with a rich and lovingly cake buffet - tea and coffee was provided by Fördern and Wohnen - and a tent for quiet moments with drawing, crafting, knitting.

By this means different ways to let go and of friendly hospitality were created.

Thanks to the help of translator Safiullah Sahâk, dialogues with many refugees were possible, hoping and motivated to establish a deeper understanding for a peaceful togetherness of the diverse cultures.

Especially the children are our wards! The awareness for these children should remind us all of our responsibility to create a peaceful and safe world for them.

Following this afternoon, again many urgently needed donations were handed over to the organisation.

A big THANK YOU to all donors!


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