Liebe macht gluecklich

Action reports

A visit at the refugee shelter in Ohlstedt

A meanwhile trusted cooperation with Fördern and Wohnen, the operator of all refugee shelters in Hamburg, we visited a tent village in Ohlstedt. We again build up tables with different themes and offering options.

Our dear friends of the band DUBE had brought their instruments and invitited for playing music together. The sound lead to movement, to dance and singing – moments of high spirits.

For a few hours the stresses and strains of the refuge, the uncertainness of the future, the challenges of everyday life were able to let go.

With donations of cakes a beautiful buffet was build. Also donations of the Budnikowsky company addded to the enrichment of todays action.

Not only from the operators we heard how positively this afternoon was received. Several children asked when saying good bye: „could you please come back?“


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