Liebe macht gluecklich

Action reports

Overcoming borders - acting from the heart

With our second visit at accommodation facilities for refugees in Hamburg in cooperation with the operator Fördern und Wohnen we went to Langenhorn. In a former school and in containers more then 600 people have found a place to stay, amongst them many children.

The Live To Love-Germany team consisted out of 40 people, amongst them many who were present the first time at a Live To Love action: like Sandra for example who together with 10 other parents and their children got involved in a very commited way. One father had brought soccer goals, motivating the boys to play soccer and to get moving. The youths of the team have very enthusiastically taken the lead of small groups with other kids.

The room for our welcome-action at first had been decorated by the whole team. A buffet out of many home made cakes, muffins and sweets, a „knitting-table“ with expansive donations of wool and knitting and crochet needles; children´s tables with games, jigsaw puzzles, and many motivational offers to try out the drawing and crafting utensils.

The press of the people was enormous and their gratitude for the gestures and moments of encounter was big. All of them had to overcome so many borders in order to get to Germany and with many the exertions were clearly visible.

A fantastic donation of the Hamburg based drug store company Budnykowsky we were able to hand over in the end: 14 large cases full of urgently needed toiletries!

We are very much looking forward to our next visit, to welcome people who have been fleeing from war and need: welcome to Germany!

The Wochenblatt Langenhorn has published an article and has put the refugee project in the interactiv card like others.












More fotos and the article about the visiting in Harburg you can find here.

Fotos copyright Agnes Forsthuber

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