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Action reports

Action in spring at the Osterbek

Live To Love took part at the "Hamburg cleans up" initiative - collecting bags of garbage at the Osterbek creek and planting Trees in cooperation with the NABU in the beginning of the Renaturation.

Action in spring at the Osterbek

At cool temperatures and wet weather conditions the two purposes of Live To Love Germany´s spring action were characterized by the initiative of Hamburg´s city cleaning: "Hamburg cleans up" – collecting plastic- and other garbage as well as planting 3 trees species which have become rare.

The straight watercourse of the Osterbek is becoming renaturated and will get a meandering form again. Along its shores a team has cleaned up nature and collected bags of garbage.

In parallel another team of Live To Love Germany has planted 3 trees in a well established cooperation with the NABU and Mr. Kasch. These trees will fit in the biodiversity which is developing at the meadows on the shores. After the changes of the watercourse these trees will be standing on an island!

Despite the weatherconditions all were quite cheerful and joyful at work.

The "Hamburger Wochenblatt" visited us and report about the action. Here you can read the text.



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