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Action reports

Treeplanting at the Appelhofweiher

Planting a tree at the Appelhofweiher in Steilshoop - The Live To Love Team was happy to cooperate with the NABU. Afterwards some people had collected plastic.

Treeplanting - Cooperation with our friends of the NABU

With today´s Live To Love Germany´s treeplanting we have planted yet another appletree at the Appelhofweiher in Steilshoop in another cooperation with NABU.The tree will bear fruits of a kind named „Ingrid Marie“ and will nurture people and animals alike. It already contributes to the growing beauty of this renaturated area.

The Live To Love Team has collect plastic garbage from the polluted littoral zone of the detention reservoir. The black poplar planted last year has been taking good roots and survived the storms up until now.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this cheerful action! The team today ranged from 5 months to 82 years!









Fotos copyright Agnes Forsthuber

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