Liebe macht gluecklich

Action reports

Visiting homeless people with polar bears

Polar bears bring the homeless people clothes, food and so much fun. A rich day for all -
celebration christmas in the town.


Our Live To Love action in december on the 4th advent was dedicated to the homeless people on Hamburg´s streets.

The team today was big: many kids, many people, many families and some who were joining a Live To Love action for the first time.

Today even a polar bear family went on the street for Live To Love Germany area generating a whole lot of attention for Live To Love and many donations in Hamburg´s busy downtown. Even people with very little money gave some, touched by the humanity of today´s action.

A rich day for all of us, where the gesture of giving and unpredjudiced encounter contributed to the fulfillment of one´s own life.









Fotos copyright Agnes Forsthuber

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