Liebe macht gluecklich

Action reports

Collecting plastic in the area of Seebek

Deep in the earth in the renatured area of the Seebek we have found plastic - particulate material. The Live To Love Team has collected it to protect the birds in this area.


Collecting plastic at the Seebek

The children are allowed to draw whatever they want. Almost all draw houses
and hearts with their crayons. Symbols for security and love, so you could interpret
it psychologically. But the pictures don´t occur in a kindergarten, but in a facility for
refugees in Hamburg.

During the last Live To Love treeplanting in Hamburg´s district Steilshoop we were shocked
to realize how far the soil´s pollution with plastic has advanced. While digging the hole for the
tree to be planted it became apparent that also the deeper layers of earth in every square centimetre were mixed with smallest plastic particles.

With the current floods in Germany many plastic particles are washed out of the riverbeds and therewith find their way into the soil.

This action was the beginning of more collections of plasticwaste in this reanturated area.
This serves the birds, who can mistake smallest plastic particles (for that matter spat out chewing gum also!) with food and in consequence quite often perish painfully of an ileus.
The plastic component Bishphenol-A is water-soluble and diffuses into the soil and groundwater.
It therefore makes much sense to avoid plastic and to clean the earth of it.






Fotos copyright Agnes Forsthuber

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