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Visit at Hamburg´s initial reception center for refugees

Painting, doing handcrafts, knitting with peaple, who had lost their home. Touching moments in the center of refugees.


Visit at Hamburg´s initial reception center for refugees

The children are allowed to draw whatever they want. Almost all draw houses
and hearts with their crayons. Symbols for security and love, so you could interpret
it psychologically. But the pictures don´t occur in a kindergarten, but in a facility for
refugees in Hamburg. Also they don´t describe a status quo, but the longing
of these refugee children.

After a intensive preparation a Live To Love team has visited a initial reception centre
in Hamburg. With homemade cakes, wool for knitting for the adults, paint- and
handicraft work material for the little ones we wanted to bring some change and joy to the parents and children living there in their motionlesness, which forced by circumstances. It was important for us, instead of appearing in a ambitious do-good manner, to convey our offer simple and respectful as an opportunity.

And this succeeded. At first tentative and reserved, but then more and more courageous, parents and single parents took a seat at the tables with their children. Tasted the cake, started to do handicrafts or to draw. At the end even a few men were knitting. Guests and inhabitants tied colorful friendship ribbons as a sign of connection. (15.02.2015)

The staff of the initial reception facility for refugees in Hamburg have supported this activity. They do not only perform a logistical peak performance daily, but are also very challenged emotionally. Of course the inhabitants stories of flight also touch the staff of the initial reception centre, who in spite of a high professionalism also feel compassion. Supervision helps to handle even emotionally difficult situations in a professional and qualified manner. This the social worker at the facility Fördern und Wohnen has approved to us from his own experience. He knows many worries and woes and also the fear that families get torn apart through the distribution system.

It can actually happen that families don´t get recognized as belonging together because of different names or reasons of age, and inadvertently through the distribution system in Germany, the Königsteiner Schlüssel, are to be spread into different cities. For this a quick solution with the immigration office is searched for.

According to the statistics in the past year 202.834 refugees have seeked for protection
and help in Germany. They have left their homeland involuntarily. Many are heavily
traumatized through the experiences in their homeland and during the flight. Instead of vehemently drawing a line against their suffering, we should show them our compassion.
For this our initiative was a small but groundbreaking step. While saying good bye a boy
whispered sadly in broken English to one of the guests that his mother had died in the
burning house, which they hurriedly had to leave.









Fotos copyright Agnes Forsthuber

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