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Action reports

Visit of animal sanctuary Barlt in Schleswig-Holstein

Live To Love Germany´s action in November was dedicated to the animal sanctuary of Mrs. Mainus in Barlt, Schleswig-Holstein. The cooperation will be continue.

Visit of the animal sanctuary in Barlt

This refuge for animals who were abused, neglected or threatened to be killed exists since 1990. The members of the „Friends association of animals at need“, who supported the animal sanctuary over the years, lately due to their old age weren't able to accomplish all the tasks pending. Mrs. Mainus together with her son has undertaken all these in an impressive manner, keeping the well-being of the animals whithin her heart.

Live To Love Germany was able to bring very generous donations of animal food of Mr. Ohlsen of the Zoo-Markt Alsterdorf as well as of the Tierbar in Eimsbüttel, where Mrs. Karsch and Mrs. Rogge have likewise supported with animal food, toys and cosy blankets.

The encouters at the animal sanctuary were very touching and were characterized very vivdly by live to love. Live To Love Germany will  continue this new cooperation with medical help for the animals, regular donations of material and concrete support on site.

Charming kittens are looking for a new home!

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